Buttafly Jonez


Silky Silky Soul Oil

Image of Silky Silky Soul Oil
A Perfume/bodyoil hybrid!-Just don't spray it on your clothes, ok? A light and dry oil, Buttafly's Silky Silky Soul Oil is completely dry, silky and leaves a powdery feel on your skin. It's different than Buttafly's Hair and Body Oil which is heavier, thicker and shiny oil. You can use Silky Silky Soul Oil for your hair and body also. It has different ingredients and feels different on your skin and hair. It's lite enough that it comes in a spray bottle and it is perfect for quick applications when you're in a hurry. Ingredients include Love, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides (MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides derived from Coconut oil), Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Virgin Organic Moroccan Argan Nut oil, Macadamia Nut oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Rice Bran Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract (as a natural preservative), Sunflower Extract and vitamin E. 8oz Bottle with a spray pump.